Enriched Reading

At. St. Pius X Catholic School, we ability group our students in reading so that we can
appropriately address their educational needs. Students in grades 1 through 6 are evaluated at the beginning of each school year and then placed in either enhanced or foundational classes based on their skill levels. We use various evaluative methods such as
STAR Reading, the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, report card averages from the previous school year, other assessments deemed appropriate, and teacher recommendation. Our enriched and homeroom teachers will work with small groups during reading time to help determine the best program for the child.
If placed in an Enriched Reading program, all students must maintain an 80% average in
order to continue in the Enriched Program. Please note that it is the student’s responsibility
to complete assigned work in class and homework in the time allotted and according to the
accelerated pace required by the Enriched program. Completing unfinished work during P.E.
is not allowed.
Enriched Reading Teachers:
     Mrs. Roberts - Grades 1-3
     Mrs. Speigner - Grades 4-6