Check out our new Prayer Garden!

We would like to congratulate Sheree Perkins for winning one of the Diocese of Corpus Christi Innovation and Teaching Grants! This grant helped us move forward with an initiative called CARTON2GARDEN which is a project that has allowed our students to discuss and research plants. We are collecting milk cartons, planting flowers in these cartons, and then creating a garden. Students are learning to identify the parts of a plant and what it takes to grow a plant.  We decided we wanted to plant in our prayer garden.  We then came up with the idea of creating a wall mural to coincide with our garden project.  Our school had been collecting bottle caps for the last year to make into some kind of recycling project.  We decided to mimic the flowers we were planting into a flower mural.  This involved sorting, cleaning, sizing, painting, and attaching bottle caps to the mural.  We then decided to plant the flowers inside of recycled tires that we spray painted to match the colors in the mural.  The shape of the tires also replicates the shape of the bottle caps.  This gives us a more cohesive look at our garden.  Now that we have formulated a plan for our garden, we decided to take the remaining cartons and make them into birdhouses.  The birdhouses were decorated by each class in their own fashion, but they are strictly decor to beautify our prayer garden.  Each child can say that they had a hand in the project, and the garden is used daily by all the children who attend our school.  We think our school has a very unique garden area that will endure for years to come.  We have over 100 students participating in this project. This project demonstrates the use of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math education) disciplines and lessons to advance students’ understanding. This project advances students’ knowledge and understanding of environmental stewardship.  We also incorporated these lessons to focus on healthy eating and lifestyle choices. We are very excited about this and are love how it turned out. We are waiting to see if we are winners of the Carton2Garden Contest.