What is your take on Online Learning at St. Pius X?

A message from the Gonzalez Family.
Our family experience during the pandemic, so far, has been like a roller coaster. It's been exciting, fun, a little scary, twisted and bumpy, with the floor dropping out from under us unexpectedly several times, but we're laughing and enjoying the ride.
Having the work from the teachers is both awesome and stressful, especially as we are still working fulltime outside of the home and have to squeeze the teaching in as we can. In regards to the actual work given, support, and options for us as parents to be able to continue teaching our kids, I am impressed. It's exhausting to try to do all of it with them, considering we're trying to do it in between our own jobs, but it's wonderful to see that education hasn't stopped just because the kids aren't in the classrooms. I love that I can reach the teachers at all times and ask questions and get assistance for all of it. 
Socially, Ryland is missing the connection with his peers and teachers. He loves to talk to people and tell stories and that's only so much fun with mommy and daddy and little sister for so long. The weekly videos definitely help and being able to talk to and hear his teachers and friends is the best experience for him right now. Those video connections have been the best part of this whole thing. It helps them feel together, if only for a short time.
Why does he like the video time?
"Because I love my friends and it's like I'm playing with my friends!" - Ryland G. (K4)