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History & Vision


St. Pius X Catholic School opened its doors in September of 1966 under the leadership of Msgr. Michael Adams, administered by four Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament and four lay teachers. It opened with an enrollment of 209 students and served children in grades 1 through 8 for four years. The school facility consisted of eight classrooms, the principal’s office, library and a teachers’ lounge. In 1970, the 7th and 8th grades were dropped and consolidated into two Catholic junior high schools for the city of Corpus Christi. At that time, a kindergarten was added to the school. The extra classroom was converted into a library, and the original library was then utilized for extra administrative office space. In 1983 the school was renovated and the pastor and board hired the first lay principal. In 1985 Msgr. Richard Shirley became the pastor of St. Pius X Church. In 1986-87 the parish added a religious education building and a new school library facility as well as a K-4 class. This eventually became the 5th and 6th grade classrooms, Enrichment classroom, P.E. office, Atrium and P.T.O. office. Teacher aides were added in the primary grades to provide more individualized instruction. In 1988, the school was informed that because of declining vocations and other reasons, the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament would no longer teach in the school. In 1995 the parish remodeled the Parish Hall, added a Community Center building, and covered the P.E. courts. In the fall of 1997, the P.T.O. provided a new playground facility for the students. In 2004, bathrooms were installed inside the K-3, K-4 and K-5 classrooms. The school also had some needed repairs done which included getting a new roof. New sidewalks were added to the garden area between the main classrooms. In 2006, the school library was refurbished with a new counter, shelves, tables and chairs. The teachers’ workroom was also expanded. In 2012, a smaller playground was installed and in 2013, shade coverings were added to the existing playgrounds.

At the present time, St. Pius X Catholic School has 177 students in grades K-3 through 6th. It employs nine full time classroom teachers, one full time teacher for the 1st – 6th grade Enriched Math program, and two part-time teachers for the 1st – 6th grade Enriched Reading program, a P.E. teacher/coach, three instructional aides, a library manager, a part time computer teacher, a part-time Spanish teacher, a part-time music teacher, a part-time art teacher, a part-time counselor, a custodian, a secretary/bookkeeper, a receptionist an office aide and a principal. The school operates on a modified year-round calendar.

Vision Statement

Our vision for St. Pius X Catholic School is to create an environment in which gospel values are integrated into the life of our school community. This value-based quality education will provide our students with opportunities to develop their intellectual, spiritual, social and artistic skills and gifts that they will need to live in a global, technological society.